Full-Time Care

Includes breakfast, lunch, & snack

Infants & Toddlers………..$250
2 & 3 Year-Olds…………………….$235
3 Year-Olds (fully potty-trained) ……$225

Kinder Prep
4 & 5 Year-Olds……………..$225


We get your kids on & off the bus
Snack provided
Homework time

We receive buses from Centerfield Elementary.

Full-Time Care

Ages 5-11, Summer Care
Includes breakfast and lunch

Field trips & activities available at an extra cost


We require an annual registration fee of $75 per child. We offer a family discount for full-time care: receive 10% off each child!

Three Year Old’s Not Potty Trained

At Kids Haven by Sandy we begin the process of potty training in our two-year-old classroom. Typically, it takes six months or faster for kids to learn the process. Children should be fully potty trained once they transition into the three-year-old classroom. If your child is three and is not yet fully potty trained, we will charge the two-year-old fee as this requires more work and more one on one teacher assistance. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

  • Two Year Class: $235
  • Three Year Class (fully potty-trained): $225

Tips for Potty Training Your Child

As preschool nears, potty training your child may be on your list of preparations for the transition into the school environment. But how do you potty train your child?

There are a few tips and tricks you can follow to train your child and get them ready to meet preschool potty-training policies. Keep reading to learn what these tips are and how to prepare for this new stage in your child’s life.

Meet with the Teacher

Preschool teachers are often equipped with the knowledge and experience that can help you with potty training your child. It can also be helpful to check in with your child’s teacher about potty-training progress and ensure they’re on the right track.

Create a Schedule

As you potty train your child, try to stick to a routine schedule. It may be beneficial to have your child try and use the bathroom after each meal since this may best match the bathroom breaks at preschool as well. As your child becomes more familiar with this routine, it will make using the bathroom more comfortable over time.

Use a Reward System

Negative reinforcement to potty training often leads to more accidents and a decreased motivation to continue training. Instead, consider implementing a reward system that encourages your child each time they successfully use the bathroom on their own.

Stay Patient

Children are great at picking up on parental emotions, so staying patient is essential to reducing your child’s discomfort and stress. Keep a positive mindset and try not to react negatively if an accident occurs as it can be discouraging for your child.